Financial Planning

Financial planning is not a product, but a process of providing advice and assistance to help clients achieve their financial goals. And because each client is unique, there can be no cookie cutter approach.

Our process works in the following phases:


A Complimentary Consultation

Because financial needs and concerns vary from one family to the next, the planner with whom you meet will conduct a personal interview to determine the time required to develop a customized plan for you and your family.


Your Assessment

At this meeting, you will be able to assess our capabilities, get questions answered and make an informed decision about beginning a long-term professional relationship.


Plan Implementation.

Should you decide to proceed, your financial plan will be prepared on site at our office by the planner with whom you meet. It’s a hands-on approach from start to finish and will help ensure that your plan is relevant to your unique needs, concerns and aspirations.


Whether your aim is to create a college fund for your children or grandchildren, reduce your taxes, plan for or maintain your retirement lifestyle, the Investment Advisors at Centennial Wealth are prepared to help you.

For more information about financial planning, please go to The Financial Plan page.

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