Medicare Planning

Notice: We are not affiliated with Medicare. Their contact information is or (800)633-4227.

This daunting situation does not have to happen to you. We can simplify and break down the overload of information you are receiving so the transition from traditional healthcare to Medicare is seamless. As an independent firm that is licensed with all plans, our consultants will find you the best solution for your Medicare needs and answer all your questions.

Who needs to enroll in Medicare and when?

How do you enroll in Medicare?

What does Medicare Parts A and Part B cover?

What is the difference between a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage Plan?

How do I choose a Medicare drug plan and keep my costs as low as possible?

How do I know if my doctors will accept my Medicare Insurance Plan?

Will I be able to afford a plan that will cover all of my medical expenses?

If I am still working, do I have to sign up for Medicare to have medical coverage?

Health-care costs can be one of your biggest expenses during retirement.
We encourage you to be an informed Medicare beneficiary.
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