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Your financial plan should be specific to you. With a variety of options available, we can choose the right services and
products to support your goals and dreams

Financial and Wealth Planning

Once we know your goals, and we know the current state of your finances, we can make recommendations and create initial or alternate plans for you. There are usually many paths to reaching your goal. We can help you discover the pros and cons of each to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan.

Retirement Income Planning

As a Retirement Income Planner, we cannot only help get you “to” retirement but help you avoid and prepare for unique risks “through” retirement. There is a big difference and dealing with experts in this arena will help you sleep better at night.

Tax Strategies

Everyone knows they should be tax efficient but have you looked at tax mitigation or tax bracket management? This is an area we stress upon if reducing tax risk is important to you and your family.

Roth Conversion Strategies

Let’s face it, taxes are very likely to increase. It is already happening. If you have saved all your money in an IRA, 401k, 403b or other similar tax deferred plans, then we need to talk. Time is running out and converting to a Roth IRA (tax-free) is best to be done with professional guidance. There is more than one way to skin a cat, you just have to know how.

Investment Management

Aligning your portfolio allocations with your risk tolerances to help ensure you’re comfortable with your wealth management choices is always the first step. If you want to learn more about some strategies we use, check out these videos: “The Milk Cow and the Hunt for Yield” and “Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning.”



Milk Cow:

Social Security Maximization

Choosing when and how to draw Social Security can be a tough decision. A number of factors including marriage status, can impact your options. We can help you navigate the possibilities, so you get the most from your hard-earned benefits.

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What you don’t know could change your financial future.  Check out these upcoming Educational Events.

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Medicare Simplified

Do you have questions about Medicare? Check out our library of informative Medicare videos here:

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We work with individuals across the nation to secure the lowest lie insurance rates available. Give us a call today or get an instant quote now.

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Medicare Options & Planning

When you find yourself quickly approaching 65 years young, you also find yourself reaching Medicare eligibility. With this milestone comes new learning curves, such as learning about Medicare and what the federal healthcare program offers. We can educate, guide and ensure you make the right choices.

Results in Advance Planning

Over the years, we’ve learned that most retirees have two main concerns: They want to know if they have enough money to retire, and they want to know how to keep more of what they have earned. At Centennial Wealth Strategists, we aim to resolve these concerns and provide reassurance by using strategies.

Legacy Planning

The real question here is “Who Cares?” It sounds harsh, but when you’re gone, what’s left for those you leave behind? If you are ok with your current financial position, then no planning needs be had. However, most folks do not want to give large amounts of their estates to the State Government, Federal Government or Nursing Homes. If you haven’t done any legacy planning and would like to keep as much of your assets in your family’s circle or wealth, we can help.

College Planning

We help families pay for college without going broke. We can implement strategies to help college-bound students get discounted tuition. With the cost of college constantly increasing, it is harder than ever for families to help pay the way for their college-bound children. We can help you sort out the options and begin planning for their future today so that they start adulthood on the better financial footing, rather than being strapped with debt for decades.


Most people worry about not having enough money saved for retirement. What if you’ve saved enough, but in the wrong place? Shockingly, there are many Americans who end up not needing their IRAs or similar accounts, or at least not in their entirety. However, the tax obligation in the future is a ticking time bomb. Lifebridge allows a strategy to find the funds to pay the taxes and usually not from the client’s pocket. Get out from under this tax trap and learn how to reduce your future tax risk.

Life Insurance

People are not against insurance. What we have found is that folks hate paying for it. Let us help you find what insurance protection you may need and want, and then find companies and products that fit those needs. We are not captured agents so we look to the best and strongest carriers for solutions to life’s insurance risks.